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Sunday, April 28, 2013

WIP - Work In Progress Part 2

Hi guys!

You know the joke about Washington state right???  About how it rains here at least 9 months out of the year.  WELL!  Here's another joke!  READY?

We are having a moss shortage in this state! 


I do believe if this isn't a record setting rainfall year ,,, it's damn close!

YET!  I went to a local garden supplier who is BIG around here.  They are fantastic!  I go to get a bail of moss for my truck seat and I kid you not when they say ,,, I'm sorry, there isn't any.  I must have looked at him odd.  He said "Sorry.  We don't have any due to a moss shortage this year."  I thought he was kidding me.  I mean come on!  I said "You are kidding?  Right?"  The lady behind the counter didn't think I was very funny.  She let me know in a very short, nasty tone that "NO!  And we won't have any until November.  At least November."

WELL!  EXCUSE ME!!!  I'd tell you who got snotty with me!  BUT!  They don't normally act like that.

SO!  I went to pick up Joy who was at my sisters and she hit her woods before I got there and she pulled some moss for me.


SO!  Today Miss Joy and I went outside and shoved (and I do mean SHOVED) moss into springs and holes until I looked to grab the next big hunk and nearly screamed.  O.M.G.!  There it was ,,,, ???  EEK!  It was 1/2 a tail, a pink butt and 2 nearly see through legs.  ICKY!  It was a salamander or newt.  Not sure which!  Although, honestly, the creepy factor was the same!  I hate slimy, crawly things.  We gave him a new home and he should be very happy.  He wasn't looking too healthy.  Hopefully, he'll buck up.

Do you remember what the seat looked like before???  If not - CLICK HERE!

SO!  Here's a little peak at what the seat looks like so far.

I welded the seat so it can't fold down any more.
I added 2X4's under the metal where the seat
was bolted to the truck floor.

Sweat peas in the back so they can climb the springs.
Nasturtiums in the front so they can hang down.
Can you see the moss between springs?

I was thinking of welding the truck light to the top.
I don't like it.

By adding the flowers now, I hope by June 8th
they will fill in and be OUTRAGEOUS!!!

In this piece I want you to see the whole seat.  By that I mean the springs, the back, the sides, etc.  I want you to know it's a seat that nature took over!

I started the seeds inside my house back at the end of February.  They've been outside for the past couple weeks waiting for me to get it in gear.  Now they need a chance to relax in their new home.  They need a chance to grow into the seat and take it over.

Sorry I didn't take better pics of the moss.  You can see it in a couple places between springs in the pictures.

What I hope is by Sorticulture this will be very full with peas growing up the back and flowers falling all over the front and sides of the seat.

There's a box in the middle of the seat so the buyer can replant this every year.

I think it needs a license plate sign that says:   

1951 FORD

I'll show you pictures of how it's doing as we get closer to Sorticulture!

A 3 wheel, adult sized, bike is next.  It wants to be a flower cart!  Unless I can figure out how to fix a very old blue baby buggy frame that wants to be planted with the left over moss!!!

Let me know what you think!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by.  Shell 


  1. That is super cool!

    lol....a moss shortage. Me thinks we wudda hollered back at the ol biddy.

    1. Too funny! I sure wanted to yell at her. EEK! I got REAL lucky finding this bike! Now, if I can only do it justice. Shell