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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Copper, Flowers and a Nasty Thrown Out Sink - How To

Do you know what happens when an artist like me finds a piece of junk that's so bad not even the garbage company picked it up???

I bring it home jumping up and down yelling "LOOK!  ISN'T IT WONDERFUL!!!"

Wanna see wonderful and learn how to plant a sink???

Here we go!

I found this old sink in the alley.  Because of the
drain hole I used a small piece of old window screen
to cover the hole. 

I covered the screen with coffee filter papers.

Then I filled the sink with dirt, flowers, moss
and fertilizer.  Water thoroughly.

It was dark by the time I finished this.  The flowers are
the Wave Petunia.  They will flow or spill over the
edge of the sink as they continue to grow.

Looks really good during the day!

Remember the scrap copper I showed you yesterday? 
I made a stand for this sink out of some of it. 
It's fun, but not sturdy enough.

So I added 3 cross braces.

This stands 47" tall.  I like the space under the
planter for other plants or garden art.

I like how my garden is shaping up.

This was a fun piece to make.  I love stuff like this in my garden.  Every piece of copper I used on this was from the scrap pile I had.  I've been collecting bits and pieces from any one who wanted to get rid of some.  Even every joint!  The sink and drain hole cover were found. 

The most important part of my art is using "garbage", scrap, junk.  What ever you want to call it.  To me it's making art from ordinary, every day items and making them fun, without using new parts straight from a store.  There are a few items (like hardware) that are necessary at times.  BUT!  The challenge is to use all old, no new!

I hope you enjoyed this sink.  I had a blast making it.

Next ,,, a ferris wheel from a bike!  OR a triptych copper hanging.   I hope!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I bet you've never met junk you didn't like. I have that same Wave. It's gonna be fantastic when it drops down and runs all over that sink.

  2. THANKS!!! I do love me some junk! hahahaha!!!! Isn't that Wave just the best. I can't wait to see how it does 2 weeks from now when it goes to the show.