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Sunday, May 19, 2013

From My Sink To Your Garden - A Ferris Wheel

Okay!  So yesterday I made a sink into garden art.  Today, I'll start with my sink and the end project will be a ,,, wait for it,,,,  honest ,,,  A FERRIS WHEEL!


Seriously!  I had this idea to make a Ferris wheel
and I needed cans!!!

We hit the alley and found a few, but, I decided to make
soup so I could have enough to work with!

Sorry the photo's so washed out.  I made a very
large batch of chili and a small batch of
sausage tortellini soup (click for recipe).

We found 5 steel beer cans in the alley.  These are the BEST!  They are just darling!!!  Churchkey Beer.  Ever heard of them???  I hadn't.  I'm still looking and wishing for more!!!

I cut the tops off all the cans, then I used a nice long
bolt, washer, split washer and nut to fasten these down. 
I put the bolt all the way through both sides of the rim. 
I figured that would be sturdier.

Some one is always getting sick on the Ferris wheel!

This started with a blue bike fork.  I thought it would
be nice to spray paint the rim white and the cans red. 
I added white flowers so you would have
red, white, blue and texture.

It was very shady here. 
Looks like I have another sick rider.


I still have a little work to do on these.   I'm going to weld a rebar step onto the bottoms.  I also have a couple more to make.  One of them will be with the body of the bike, not just the fork.  If I get it done tomorrow I'll throw it on here.

OH!  NO the wheel won't turn.  It would tear up the flowers.

ALTHOUGH,,, I'm thinking I might make one with very compact flowers and let that one move.  The wheel would be mounted on the outside of the fork, not on the inside.  I think it'll work that way!  Only time will tell!

Hope you liked it!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell