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Saturday, May 25, 2013

FUN! Another Weather Vane!

Oh I love odd things!

I found this metal can about a year ago at the recycle center by me.  It's sooooo good!  It had 1 small hole on each end and this wonderful copper wire wrapped around several places on it.  Most of the wire was loose, while some was missing.  I didn't mind.

The other day at the recycle center I found this amazing large, round copper ball with a nut soldered onto the bottom of it.   EASY!!!  The hardest part of my art work is trying to connect parts together. 

Well, I went home and played with the ball and can for short bits of time during the past couple days.  I finally just gave up and put together what I had and called it good enough!


You gotta love that can!!!
It took a long time to solder those wires back
in place, but it was so worth it!!!

A copper ball, a stick of copper, weather vane
 hands, a lamp part, a truck part and it
really shows up in the garden!

Close up of the top.
Love the copper patina.


Definitely   ,,,,   one of a kind!!!

I've got another odd piece for tomorrow's blog!  See ya then!!!



  1. This is a big WOW! Love it. How neat when the plan comes together!!!!