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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day and Wind Chimes

Happy Mother's Day Ladies and some Gents!!!

Yes!  You see I have this friend that I love to tease.  I call him Mr. Mom.  He's a wonderful father and at many times he filled in for his wife.  Hence, Mr. Mom.  When I wanted to really get him ,,, YEP!  I called and wished him a Happy Mother's Day.  It was all in fun and he took it that way.

SO!  For all of you out there,,, check this out!

This wonderful Wisteria is growing right next
to my driveway and garage.

Every time I walk through the gate into my back yard
I can smell this very strongly!!!

Can you smell it yet???  YUMMMMMM!

Who needs to smell the roses when you've got one of these!

Last night I made a couple quick wind chimes for We Do Art, Sorticulture and Mother's Day.  Take your pick.  Then I took them into the shop and forgot to take pictures.  I talked Beth, the owner of We Do Art, into taking pictures with her cell phone for me.  Sorry!  I ALWAYS forget to take pics before I leave home!!!  Some day I'll learn!!!

Check these out!!!

Do you remember the old flute-o-phone?  
Some times known as a recorder?

This cake server is balanced so it hangs
by a single length of chain. 

This is the handle off an old copper pot.  The bell
moves hitting the knives to give this a
unique and wonderful sound!!!

I love making wind chimes.  They all sound different even when you use very similar items. 

I love using "crap" to make some thing just a little different.  Some thing unique.  These are definitely a one of a kind.  I have an old trumpet that I'm making into a wind chime next.  It will go to Sorticulture.

These are for sale at We Do Art until Sorticulture!  Stop on by and take a better look at them!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. you certainly have been busy...now don't be wearing yourself out!

    1. I'm finally getting it in gear for Sorticulture! :)

  2. Very creative. I've never seen such a wonderful design with the use of random utensils before. You really have a way with wind chime art. :)
    - TheBestofChimes.com