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Friday, May 31, 2013

More Copper For the Garden

Oh yes!  I know!  Copper, copper, copper!!!


Copper is one of those metals that has so much "show" just by it's patina.  It doesn't have to look like any thing special if it's all green and blue.  Know what I mean???

So this little piece is just for that color.  BUT!  It's got a nice sweet curve to it too.


Coil!!!  Don't you love that curly Q???

  The color is wonderful.

The spiral is wonderful.

Set this inside your flower bed and it will
 just get better and better with age.

This is a piece that can support tall flowers.  It can stand alone just for it's architecture and/or patina.  It's just a yummy piece.

I have one more and it's smaller.  I'm thinking of soldering copper to each end and have it go sideways in the garden.  HUMMMM????  Yep!  That's it.  Soon!

Tonight I spent the whole evening and late afternoon working on my plasma cutter.  My air dryer didn't work the way it was supposed too and it let water into the cutter.  OOPS!  NOT a good thing.  SO!  It took 2 hours to get a new dryer (at $99.50 plus tax), a new air hose, 3 sets of quick connects, 2 new tips and a special valve for the air compressor.  HUM!  At about $175.00!  OUCH! 

SO!  I spent the rest of the evening cutting out more funky signs out of that metal roofing.  HEY!  A girl's got to pay for her equipment.  Please!

Hopefully it will be another nice day tomorrow and I'll get some more done.  I did hit the recycle center and picked up the cutest little step stool and 2 more copper air conditioner pieces.  The crystals for those are on their way from Shipwreck Beads and should be here by Monday.  All is well then!  I HOPE!!!  LOL!

Have a great weekend!  Only 5 more building days left until Sorticulture!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


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    1. They're funny little things, but they have so much color. They are gorgeous in their own little way.