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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day

Hi guys!

Hey!  It's almost Mother's Day.  SO!  ,,,, What did you get mom for her special day???  Come on ,,, you can tell me!!!

If you haven't bought her any thing yet, here's a few goodies you might want to consider.

These are going to Sorticulture soon.
Beat the rush and be the first to buy one!
You know what Sorticulture is like!!!

My flowers will last longer than those pretty roses
you buy in a vase!

Mom can keep these in her yard all year long!
No pruning needed!

Check out that living vertical garden Beth made!
She will have a bunch of those!

I heard a rumor there will be a tent out front later this week so you can buy mom a nice living plant arrangement.  Give Beth a call at 425-238-2585 to double check her hours.  Quite often she's there later than her hours say!

Hours:Wednesday thru Saturday - 11:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday - 11:00am to 4:00pm

While you are there ask Beth how to get a $5.00 off coupon for pizza next door.  It is the BEST pizza around!!!

Remember ,,, there is a lot of other great art in this gallery too!

If you'd like me to come down there and meet with you, drop me a comment on here and I'll be there (if I can and I probably can!).

Thanks so much!!!  Shell


  1. My Mom would have loved one, but we lost her almost 7 years ago.

    The MIL get's work out of us. We help her with home repairs, yard work, such as.

    Love your things.

    1. Sorry! I lost mine 3 years ago. It's still hard. You are a good person Ramona! Keep it up! THANKS! Shell