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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Not Your Average Bird Feeders!

I love these!  This is an idea I had just a couple weeks ago while I was waiting for a quick surgery. 

NO!  Honest!  I was laying on the operating table and I thought ... OMG!  I need an old metal bread box.  One thing they told me before going in was that I might not be able to remember most of what was happening even though I would be awake.  SO!  I asked one of the nurses if she would write some thing down for me.  She asked and I said "bread box".  She looked at me funny, wrote it down and then asked why.  I explained the following pictures are what I wanted to make. 

Bird feeders!



My idea was to use an old metal bread box, cut out letters (words), make a cage for the inside of the box, fill it with bread, then hang it. 

SO!  I did!  Well, kind of.  You see finding and affording bread boxes are 2 different things.  SO!  I used some tins I just happen to have hanging around.  I started with this wonderful old cake tin.

First I took the plasma cutter and cut out the words FEED ME!

I found this smashed fan guard at the recycle center.
Doesn't it look like a nest???

I made a "cage" out of chicken wire smaller than the
inside of the tin, then filled it with raisin
bread where the cutout letters are.

Here's a much smaller tin with handles!
Too Cute!
I cut out BIRD, one letter on each side.

I added the bread.

I added the cage.  Sorry it's fuzzy!

Then I put the lid on it and did some thing else for a minute.  When I came back there were pieces all over and Joy was looking at me like "WHAT???  Macs did it!".

Joy got the bread out of the closed can.   Smart pup!

After I filled the can up again I hung it up for the birds.  OH!  I do like these!!!

Another smashed fan guard.  I think they look
like nests.  Don't you???
They hang pretty good!
The nests are for the birds to land on.

Father's Day is the weekend after Sorticulture
This is for the golfer, male or female.

Golf tee for a perch.

Brighton any one?

The last 2 feeders hang from a chain.  They might not make it to the show.  They worked great until I messed around with the chicken wire inside.  Then the lids got a little sloppy.  Hope I can fix them better than they finished.  They sure are cute!!!

I made these so you can take them inside your house and clean them out.  The chicken wire is there to keep the bread close to the holes so the birds can eat it without having to put their heads inside the cans.

Hope you liked these little guys.  I sure do!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell


  1. hehehe, Joy you are a smart doggie!

    Love them, cute idea.

    1. Thanks! Joy agrees with you! She loved the bread!