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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NOW! That's A Weather Vane!

Hi guys!

A couple quick pictures of another piece for Sorticulture!

Do you remember the old truck I wanted to bring home from the recycle center?  It took a weekend of thinking and wishing real hard to realize I just couldn't bring it home.

Here's what I did with the light I found on the top of the truck.

I found the weather vane parts at
the recycle center too!

One side ...

and the other side!  SCHWEET!

This whole piece is built on and around an old floor lamp.
The metal piece on top of the base??? 
Not a clue!  I just liked it!

I knew I was going to make this piece when I found the N, S, E, W brass piece at the recycle center.  It cost me a small fortune, but it's a winner!  This piece has been running through my mind for a long, long time.  Then I got tired of these floor lamp bases being in the back yard marinating.  Yes!  Marinating.  (Some times I get stuff and it's shiny and new.  ICK!  So, it sits outside in the weather until I think it's had enough, it falls apart or I just have to use it right now!)  The floor lamps were in the way and needed to move.  That's when I realized they needed to work with this brass piece.  

The stem of the floor lamp is covered with a wonderfully aged piece of copper.  Just under the light you can see a piece from an old light fixture.  That coned shaped piece of metal under the N, S, E, W ???  Nadda clue!  I just like it there.

I do love to mix the old crap together.  Now, this truck light is in good shape.  Just barely.  This piece would be best if it was kept under cover and better yet ,,,, in your house!  YUM!

OK!  Off to make another one.  I'm thinking bottle trees and a bench seat from the tail gate off that old truck!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell