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Monday, May 20, 2013

Scrap Copper Garden Hanging

I do ♥  LOVE  ♥ copper. 

Quite some time back a friend of mine gave me 6 panels of 11 inch wide copper.  I think they are around 36 inches long.  Some one had cut out a fun pattern in them and probably used the pieces that were cut out.  I got to use what was left.  Please realize ,,, every piece that's on here is scrap from some thing.  The only new things on here are the screws I've used to hold the panels onto the plumbers tape the panels hang from.

Here's a peak ...

There's no place left in my flower garden that has
enough room to take a good picture of this.  Sorry!

I like the way the day lillies are growing 
under this hanging.

Copper cut out panels, plumbers tape, copper pennies,
copper fittings and copper pipe ...  all used pieces!

I still need to finish the hanger on here.

I needed a copper washer so the special screw that
holds this together would fit correctly.

A little better picture.

Don't you love the cut outs on these panels!  They are so fun.  They have that 50's look.  They just need some fuzzy finish and need to be avocado green and orange!

OKAY!  I didn't get much done today AGAIN!!!  Time's runnin' out too!  Days like today I go to make some thing and some thing else comes up.

Today I was lucky.  Amy Duncan over at Four Corner Designs helped me out and THEN was "kind" enough to pack a junk bag for me AND send me off with these funky, crusty, perfect corner sections of metal railing.  YUMMY!  YEP!  It's all going to Sorticulture.  Trust me on this one!  IT'S AMAZING STUFF!!!

SO!  Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow and actually get some welding done today.  I did get the welder out of the HOUSE!  Yes, it's in my house for now.  I didn't get it off the back porch though.  HOPEFULLY ,,, tomorrow!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. What a piece of art! I love it!!

    1. THANKS so much! Hopefully there will 2 more! Shell

  2. Yours is cute, I wonder what they were making?

    1. Hi! It's hard to say what this started out to be. I'm just glad they didn't want it any more!!!

  3. Hai to all.. We are the scrap metal buy and sell offers in Malaysia..
    Nice blog keep it up..