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Friday, May 31, 2013

Sink With or Without the Shower?

Hi guys!

Just a few quick pictures.  I made 2 different pieces today.  Now I'm thinking they need to go together?  What do you think???

About a year ago I picked up this short shower
and soap dish at the recycle center.

It has this funky look that works
very well in your flower bed.

Look at that little beauty!

I've been watching that piece for a full year waiting for it to talk to me.  To tell me it wanted to be more than just a shower head in the garden. 

BUT!  It never did.  So today I added a piece of scrap pipe I found at the recycle center yesterday, then I set it onto a piece of rebar that I stuck in the ground.  It looked good!  FUN!

I found this sink (without the faucets) in the
alley early winter.  I watched it for a couple
months before I finally brought it home.

Yesterday I found these faucet handles at the recycle
center.  I knew where they needed to be!

I had 2 old window boxes made from lumber that
was milled from old telephone poles.  I tore them
apart to make this goofy, lopsided base. 

Filled it with yellow petunias and threw the
whole thing in the garden.

I played with this for a little while and realized this might just be the perfect place for the shower!!!

I think it is.  Although I'm going to let the buyers decide.  They can buy either piece or both pieces.  Their choice!!!

I added the shower piece to the middle
hole in the sink.  PERFECT!!!

I love pieces like this.  They just seem happy.  That's what my neighbor said about my garden ,,, it seems happy!  SCHWEET!!!

I got quite a bit done today ,,, but I'm still a long way away from ready!   SOON!!!

Which way do you like the sink best???

With or without the shower???  Let me know!  It really helps!  THANKS!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell