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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Year of the Chandelier

Okay ,,, some times you start these collections and you wonder why???  It just seems like every time you turn around you find or are given some thing that is similar to some thing you already have and it fits into your new “collection”.  

WELL!  That’s what has happened here. 

NOW!  It’s only a collection of 3 ,,, BUT!  These are AMAZING!!!

Check these out!!!

This little brass beauty needs a little TLC
and it will be perfect for your garden!!!

The details!!!

Another WIP.  Needs a little work
and it's ready for the garden!!!  

I love the leaves.

This special beauty could be from
Beauty and the Beast!

ALL 3 of these beauties will be at Sorticulture for sale.  NO!  They will not be rewired.  Sorry!  I would, but, I don't have a license to do that.

Here's 2 more goodies that will be at the show also!

Green house extraordinaire

Yes, it's a work in progress too. 

When I bought this terrarium most the glass was out of the frames.  I found it last fall and since then my cats have been playing in it.  One goes inside while the other attacks from outside.  They've had a ball in there!!!  BUT!  It's going to the show... sorry kitties!!!  :)

This awesome corner section of railing
would be outrageous in the corner
of your garden.

This puppy would be soooooooo good in the corner of your garden with stuff crawling through it and over it!!!

I only got a little done today.  I spent a lot of time collecting and getting ready for the next projects.  I've got a couple realllllllly odd pieces coming next!  YAY!!!!

If you are looking for lights like these - be at the show early.  I do believe these will go fast!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell


  1. I'm a rusty railing nut case. I have several pieces in my yard.

    When we cleaned out houses and properties, I got to keep all kind of neat things like that.

    Happy holiday.

    1. WOW! Now that's a job I need. Although,,, I might have to buy a warehouse to keep all the treasures in! LOL! Have a great weekend and holiday too! shell