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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wind Chimes and a WIP

Hi guys!

Well, it rained off and on all day today.  SO!

Between drops I soldered some copper together   ,,,,  couldn't get it done even though I drug it out and put it away twice!!!  Too much rain.  BUT!  I got some of it together.

After getting fed up with putting every thing away so much I headed for the recycle center!  OMG!  SCORE!!!  I found this "giant" copper ball.  It is so stinking wonderful.  IF the weather is better tomorrow I'm going to put it together as another weather vane.  It's just screaming to be at the top of a pole and say HERE I AM!!!

After the recycle center I hung out at We Do Art for a bit,,, it was still raining.  That was fun!

Then I headed home  ,,,,  in the rain ,,,, and pouted.  tee hee hee!!!  Around here we're used to it ... so I'm working on more wind chimes indoors.

I tried to take a couple pics today, but the weather was pretty dark and the wind was blowing ,,, and ,,, OK!  So, maybe it's my eye sight more than the wind!  LOL!

Here's a peak.

A simple little wind chime with small spoons, maybe
baby or sugar spoons, a few crystal beads, a bell in
the middle and a wonderful chain with a
sweet design piece on it.

That sweet little piece made this special.

The oval piece is solid brass.  It had holes, so
I used them. The fork handles are a bit too far
apart, so I spread 2 of the fork tines to hit the
handles easier.  This sounds so sweet!!!

Each truck door got a quick coat of varnish today.

Soon we'll paint an old time ad on them.

Do you remember the truck I tore apart???  These are the doors and I'm working with a wonderful artist who will paint these for me.  We're going to put an ad of some kind on these.  Only time will tell what they'll look like.  With this painter ,,, I PROMISE they'll be great!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I know those doors are going to look great!

    Neat! You are teaching me all kinds of things.

    Thank you.

  2. You are wonderful. I hope you learn as much as I do. Some times when I put stuff on here I learn too... some times what I did right, some times what I wished I would have done. Hoping next time I'll do it better ... ??? Thanks again Ramona!!! Shell

  3. I have never thought of that! LOL! Now, let me check my stock room. I have a lot of old stuff. Thank you for the wonderful post! It gave me one heck of an idea!

    - TheBestofChimes.com