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Friday, May 10, 2013

WIP - Blue Baby Buggy

Hi guys!

So, when you go out hunting for things to make into other things ,,, do you buy the best, the shiniest, prettiest things you can find???

I do!  tee hee hee!

Check out what I'm making next!

YES!  I paid money for this!  :)

I bought this several years ago and planted it for fun. 
Now it's falling apart which makes it better than ever!!! 
The yellow tape is holding it together for now!

Look at all that character!

Some one put a lot of miles on this old girl!

I've been gathering goodies into the back yard so I can work on them.  I had a few days here I just couldn't get outside.  SO!  Now, it's time to get things started and FINISHED!!!  I have this thing about gathering and collecting.  THEN one day it's time to build. 


I'm going to try to post some thing different every day from now until Sorticulture to show you what's going to be there!  Try being the operative word.

Do you collect and or gather?  What do you find that catches your fancy???

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. I collect all kinds of things. Love making stuff our of odds and ends.