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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pictures of Sorticulture

Hi guys!

Sorry this took so long! 

MAN!  I'm wiped out!!!  ♥ YAY ♥

The show was phenomenal!!!  The people were great!  The weather was amazing!  The vendors were all in great moods. 


Here's a bunch of pictures of my booth.  Some were taken the night before the show opened.  I only live 4 miles away from this park.  SO, I made 4 trips with my little truck that night and filled the truck one more time the morning the show opened.  Here's what it looked like.

I get 2 booths for a total of 10' deep and 20' wide.
Although they are very generous and let us spread out
AND .... I DO!!!

One of the first sales were the bowling pins!
See the truck bench in the back?  SOLD!

The bike sold.  All the ferris wheels sold!

See the planter in the back?  SOLD!
The strawberries in hubcaps sold.
Many of the wall flowers sold.
Most of the wind chimes sold (I even made
more on Sat. and Sun. mornings).

The doors didn't sell.  OH DARN!  HA!!! 
The odd weather vanes didn't sell.
But, that's not unusual.

Both sinks sold.
Most of the metal signs sold.
Most of the large flowers sold.

Most of these sold and I was making more today!

Both head and foot boards sold.
The weather vane with the light on top is now in
my living room!  YAY!!!

The glass chandelier you see by the door sold.
The 2 green lanterns off to the left sold.
All the bird houses sold.

The large beaver pole bottle tree sold.

Every plant I brought sold.
Even the plant stand sold.

There were many other items that sold that I didn't get a picture of.

Do you remember the shelf I made out of the window?  It had coffee bags for curtains?  It sold.

Remember the 3 panels of copper that hung?  One sold.

The whiskey barrel trellis'?  One sold.

The whiskey band spheres?  All sold early Friday.

The truck tailgate bench?  Sold early Friday and I have 2 orders for more.

HUM!  What else???  EEK!  I can't remember!  There was so much!

Usually I make several trips the night before the show.  Then I have my truck loaded again the morning of the show.  Then come day 2 I bring another truck load.  Sundays,,, many times I bring things.  Not this year.  I took nearly every single piece by Friday morning.  I had things stacked on top of things.  I had things "behind" my booth.  OR!  You could say I had another booth behind my booth.

This show is kind, generous and very high in energy.  By the time Monday morning rolls around I feel like I got hit with a Mac truck.  Just wiped out.  I LOVE IT!!!

If you showed up at Sorticulture ,,, THANK YOU!  Myself and every vendor there really appreciate your support. 
If you are into making garden art and you are looking for a show to try ... THIS IS IT!  Honest.

So?  What comes next you ask???  

Saturday, June 15th, is the Everett Art Walk.  We Do Art is part of that.  I get to be artist of the month here.  SO!  I started by making new metal signs for this event.  Most of them are targeting the backyard fun we all like to have.  You know ,,, beer garden, beer here, wine garden.  Then Father's Day ... ♥ Dad, gone ridin', man cave, beer cave.  Next will be some wind chimes.  Most set up for Father's Day.  Then, ???  We'll just see what the weather will let me do with the welder.

I'll be there from 4pm to 7pm ... or before and after.  I just hope I'm smart enough not to start a project before I go.  OOPS!  I usually forget about watching the time.  Let me just say ahead of time ,,, SORRY!  In case I do!

I heard Roxy Beckman Gesler is going to be out front under the big tent showing us how to bend wire for garden art!!!  Could be ,,, HA!  Will be a lot of fun.  BE THERE!!!  Learn!!! 

Okay!  Enough rambling!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures even half as much as I enjoyed the show and seeing every one!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. You had a FANTASTIC show! Great for you. You deserve it with your creativity.


    1. Thank you so much! The people who attend this show are great. The people who put on this show work their butts off to make it easy and as near perfect as any show can get. For that,,, I need to work that hard too. They make this a big challenge for me. I need to be better each year. That's the toughest part of this show for me. I think this year ,,, I actually did it right. Thank you again. I've had a ball making all this and doing the show. You are the best! With a "fan" like you ,,, you make me want to do better too. For that Ramona ,,, I THANK YOU! Shell

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