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Monday, June 3, 2013

Some Times a Project Just Bombs!!!

And that's what happened here!

The idea is to take a car windshield that looks like this ...

A car window from the alley.

Break it into millions of pieces ...


Melt it in a kiln ...

I love glass.

Then hang what you melted in the garden.

This looks so cold when the sun shines through it.
It reminds me of a giant block of ice.

YES!  I hung it with copper! :)

On the tag it will say : "Hi!  I used to be a car windshield!"

BUT!  This project was a giant waste of 2 hours.  After spending at least 20 minutes washing the window over and over (as glass can not be dirty at all when it goes in a kiln) I got this ...

There's a layer of film between the 2 layers of glass.
You can't melt that!

At least it rolled up nice and easy!

If I get lucky I'll find another windshield on another day and try again!  The finished piece you saw was from another windshield last year.  I was so hoping to make a couple more!  Maybe for Fresh Paint.

HEY!  Did I tell you I got accepted into Fresh Paint this year?  YEP!  I did.  I'll tell you more as we get closer to the date in August!

I'm just cleaning up and finishing lots of little projects for Sorticulture.  ONLY 2 days left to build before it's time to load up!!  YAY!  I'm so excited.

Tomorrow I'll finish the garden bench, some more bird feeders and possibly make another blue bottle ladder!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. Aw, I know failure well.

    They do make the neatest glass blocks out of some of those windshields. Wish I could learn how to make them.

    1. SUX! but, failure is how I learn,,,, over and over and over and,,, well, you get it! LOL! Time to get to work! TTYL