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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP - Ford Tailgate Bench Finished!


YAY!!!!!  OKAY!

Too much sugar!  It's been a wonderful day... so!  Here's what I finished and it's time to go get some thing else done!!!

Do you remember the truck I tore pieces
off of at the recycle center???

YES!  It's a little lopsided.  By maybe an inch. 

I had this done ,,, or so I thought!!!  Then I sat in it and it felt like I was on a rocker that would only go a little ways.  OOPS!  So, with a great suggestion (OK!  The right way to do this!) from MR. Johnson, I reworked the sides.

This old metal roofing material bulked up and steadied
up the sides.  No more movement!

I was going to put 2 signs on the back supports. 
Instead I did this.

Yep!  The other side says ...


I cut out a bunch of old license plates to make 2 signs to tell you what this is.  Instead, I wrote it with my plasma cutter on the side supports!   FUN!  AND!  It doesn't move funny!  It's actually a real live "perfect" working bench.  YAY!

OK!  Time for some water to chase away the sugar.  EEK!

Tomorrow I load into Sorticulture.  I'm so stinking excited.  Usually I make a lot of smaller pieces for this show.  Not this year.  It might be a mistake, but, this is a chance I need to take.  I really love the work I did this year.  I honestly think it's some of the best I've ever done.  Cross your fingers that the buyers think the same.

Tonight I have a couple things to finish, then up early to load that truck.

I hope you've enjoyed the last 2 weeks of posts.  I did it so you could see what's going to the show.  BUT!  Really I did it to keep me off the couch and building bigger and better.  For that push,,, 

I'll try to post a few booth pics over the weekend!

Thanks again and wish me luck!  Shell