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Saturday, July 27, 2013

MORE Truck Parts! YAY!!!

Hi guys!

WELL!  What can I say???

I drive into the recycle center to drop off a nice load of aluminum and steel and what do I find???

What a beauty!

I couldn't believe this... so!  I had to run around to the front to see what the grill and hood looked like.

O. M. G.!!!

Can you say PURRRRRRR-FECT!!!??????

The grill is in amazing shape.
The hood is toast!  DARN!


I didn't go look, but the guys thought this was a 1958.  It's a Ford work vehicle from Eastern Washington.  It was used in the fields.  Can you see the 2 exhaust pipes coming out of the grill?  They were put there, instead of the bottom of the truck, so when the truck drove through the fields the heat from the pipes didn't start the orchard on fire!  SMART move!!!

Well, we worked on this for a bit trying to get the grill out and it was a monster.  SO!  "Grandpa" got out the torch and cut the monster out!!!  GO GRANDPA GO!!!  I was a cheerleader!!!  He's a wild one with that puppy!!!!

This is what I brought home....

The front of the grill.

The crap in the way of the back.

Now if you were me ,,, what would you make this into???? 

Come on .... what?????

While I was there I found that Chevy pickup still on the pile and Steve was good enough to climb up and pull the tail gate off for me.  I can't ,,, liability problem should I get hurt!

The arrow is pointing to the truck
I want the tail gate off of.

This is the tail gate with an older Ford tail gate....
That's a hint. 
It goes with the grill from the old truck!

What do you mean,,, that doesn't help much!!!

SOON!  I'll show you what I make soon.  Right now, the table saw is down!  DANG!  Not good timing.

Fresh Paint is only 19 building days away and the saw is dead!  EEK!  I have several large pieces of art I want to build.  YEP!  The Ford parts are going in there some where!!!

I am going to try to put one item on here each night that will be at Fresh Paint!  Cross your fingers.  That sounds easy, but, it can be very hard to do!!!

See ya soon! 

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell