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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Motorcycle Helmet Planter

Hi guys!
WELL!  Blogger is working tonight ,,, becuz ,,, I'm on a different computer.  This all started the other night when Facebook wouldn't let me in.  Since then I can some times get into Facebook,,, sorry!  I hate that thing and there are very few things I hate!  Now I can't get any text into the main body of Blogger and I'm getting junk mail like there's no tomorrow!  OMG!  Some one blow up that site,,, well, okay,,, maybe not.  How do I put them on a list that sends them tons of crap mail???  Anybody know???   :)'  
Okay!  Thanks!!!  I feel much better now.

This was a motorcycle helmet that my neighbor gave me
Thanks CEL!!!

Close up.  It's sitting on a copper "thing". 
It needed a washer and I liked this better!

Inside the helmet. I put 4 drain holes in it. Now,
I'll take it into We Do Art and let Beth
work her magic on it with sedums!

FUN!  I had a piece of pipe that had this thing in the way.  I was going to cut it off and well,,, I didn't have too!  YAY!!!  It's nice to get "lazy" once in a while.  I used that piece of pipe, a small copper cup and the helmet.  Soon it will be over flowing with sedums.

HOW FUN????  This will be at Fresh Paint!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!!!


  1. What a fun planter and I can see some motorcycle people going nutz for it.

    Great job.