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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rain Chains From Scrap Metal

Hi guys!

Check out this funky find! OHHHHH! I love finding stuff like this! SCORE!!!

SO! What do you do with a hand full of these???

Make Rain chains of course... ????

Do you remember the old days when you made many of your Christmas ornaments? Do you remember taking strips of paper and gluing them into a ring, then you'd slip another paper through that link and glue it into a ring. Finally you'd have this nice long chain of paper ,,, usually in green and red.

WELL! That's really all this is.

Ready ....

Scrap Metal from the recycle center.

Christmas tree links???

All I did was put 2 together with a rivet and a
couple of pennies for washers.  Then I added another
set of these by linking 2 of them together.

Easy and fun!

I had one extra, so I put a piece of copper through it, made a couple loops.  Now all you do is put the top loop through the hole in your downspout, insert a metal rod of some type through it inside the gutter. 
Then it just hangs there!

It's tough to get a picture of it with
all that crap in my yard!  :)

Just hanging around waiting for rain!

SEE!  Just like the paper Christmas links!

Okay!  So, these took a little while to build, but, not too long.  It's a lot of work drilling all those pennies.  You could use any washer.

This nice rain chain will be at Fresh Paint!

Only 15 building days left!  EEK!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell


  1. I would have had the hose on to see how they worked.

    I won't go into some of our 10 minute adventures that turned into 4 hour adventures :)

    1. Good idea. It finally rained here yesterday after 30 days without it. Very odd for around here. BUT! It wasn't enough to let these work.

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