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Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Small Burn Barrel Becomes a Whale!

Hi guys!!!
Here's a quick peak at what was a burn barrel and is now ...
a whale for your garden.
Don't you just love "her" spout?
Those crystal water drops will sparkle in the sunshine.

This is just a close up of her eye and smile!
She's very happy!

I love the graphics from the company that had the barrel.

To me ,,, this is fun!   Taking some thing I found at the recycle center that was going to be melted down and then who knows.  Instead, this will go to Fresh Paint, a show that sits right on the Everett Marina.  Around here we love our bay and any thing that lives in it.
When you put this silly whale in your yard her copper (air conditioner part) spout will sparkle with the crystals that hang from it's ends.   Her smile will make you happy and laugh wondering what she just ate!  :)
If you look back at a May posting (click on this to see) you'll see several pictures of another copper piece I made like this.  Just the whale spout part.  I made 3 of them and they sold quickly at Sorticulture!  YAY!
If you wanted to make some thing like this ,,, you can.  I used a plasma cutter for this because the metal is fairly thick and I wanted that rough, nasty look.  BUT!  You could use some thing like a popcorn tin and a pair of metal snips.   Draw your whale on the tin and go to town cutting!
OKAY!  Tomorrow I hope to show you a new garden bench made with a Chevy pickup tail gate!  Cross your fingers!
Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell