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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An Amazing Vintage Find!


O. M. G. 

Would you look at this find!!!   Please?

What???  Do you know what this is???

It fit so nicely in the back of my truck!

It looks so much better put together!

Check out these bed springs????

Details ,,, it's all in the details!

Isn't it gorgeous???

So!  If you've read this blog at all ... can you guess where I found this???

YEP!  At the recycle center about to be squished, smashed, shredded, melted and made into ????

Can you believe some one threw this in a dump and was paid ,,, ready .... $5.40.  They got 6 cents a pound for this.  I know exactly how much they got because I had to weigh it so I could pay them 20 cent a pound to bring it home.  HA!  Was there ever a doubt.  I mean I couldn't pass this up!!!  It weighed in at 90 pounds even.

So, next year this will be at Sorticulture ,,, for the garden or a porch???  I'm not sure yet.  Now I have 2 cribs like this ,,, one pink and one blue ,,, matching porch seats???  I'm thinkin' ,,, YEP!  Maybe???  I think I reserve the right to change my mind 50 times before next June ... tee hee hee!

What did I find next???  Just wait!!!  SOON!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


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    1. Isn't this just crazy! Wait until you see what I found next. FIRST! I have to do a little home work to see what it's worth! YUM! Hope your weekend was wonderful! Shell