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Monday, August 12, 2013

Bird Houses for Fresh Paint


How's it going???  All is well around here ... so far!   EEK!  Only 3 more building days until Fresh Paint and I think I just got started.  OOPS!  This is a tough show for me.  While it could be a great show, it isn't run as well as many other shows around here.  SO!  I have this "problem" of getting it in gear for it.

SO!  Here's a couple quick and fun bird houses for this weekend!

I love using things like this beer tap
for perches on bird houses.

I LOVE this license plate!

A quick one with an old coat hanger and a little rust!

Check out the SKI on the license plate.  YAY! 
A couple bottle caps and an old tooth brush holder.

B is for Bird!

Did you notice the wood under the license plates for the roofs?  If you were to put just the license plate on, it would draw too much heat and the birds don't like that.  The wood is a barrier to keep the heat out. 

Happy birds make great neighbors!   :)

I did get the head board done today.  I hope to get better pictures for you for tomorrow's post!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  shell