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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Check Out This Great Find!

Hi guys!

First!  Let me apologize for whining on the last post!  SORRY!

Joy was kenneled up for 2 1/2 days while I went to the show.  SO!  It's her turn.  We hit the beach.  She's a hunter.  She loves to run the beach and chase the bunnies, rats and squirrels she finds in the brush around the park.  It's fun to watch.

On our way home we drove by a pile of free cedar 2 X 4's.  Just what the doctor ordered.  These are perfect to use while building a garden bench.  YAY!!!  So, I grabbed them all and we took off for home.

Lots of boards!

Joy hates the camera.  Look at her! 
She's covered in stinky mud.

Joy got rinsed off.  She hated that more than having her picture taken.  Silly dog.  The bay mud smells so bad!  EEK!  But, she'll wait a little while before she gets a big bath.  She's getting to run on the beach each day this week.  She earned it.

I already know what I'm making with the boards.  I was going to show you another great find ,, but, I forgot my camera some place.  If I told you where ,,, you might ,,, well, maybe ,,, figure out what I want to make!  :)   SOON!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. She had a BIG time I can see at the beach.

    I love her face, she's such a sweetie.

    1. She did! We went again Thursday and she cut a pad real bad! Poor little girl. SO! She's just now getting up and moving,,, 4 days later. Have a great week!