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Monday, August 19, 2013

Fresh Paint 2013

Hi guys!

WELL!  It was a LONG weekend.  The weather was gorgeous!  Thank you!

The view was gorgeous!

the view ...

The customers, buyers,,, ???  I think they all went to Canada for the weekend!!!


After the first day.

My junk, Beth's (from We Do Art) succulents and flowers.

A few wind chimes.

Sorry I didn't get more pictures.  I got a late start getting there Saturday morning and couldn't catch up until late afternoon.  By then I was very disappointed.   There was no one around.  I had several artists stop by and complain over and over.  Darn the luck.  Every single complaint they had was stuff I had seen or gone through myself.  It's sad some times when the show just doesn't fit it's billing.  Know what I mean?  The show has been around for many, many years.  New management running it.  WAIT!  Young management running it with no help from above.  SAD!

OKAY!  Enough about the show.  SORRY!  It was a sad weekend.  I did okay in sales, but, money isn't all there is to going to a show.

NEXT?  New stuff for We Do Art.  Some day soon.  I'll show you as I make it!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. Sorry it was disappointing.

    May the next show be better.

    1. Thanks Ramona! I still had tons of fun chatting with every one. YAY!