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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Idaho License Plate Bird House

Hi guys!
SO!  I had this little bird house that I was trying to put smashed bottle caps on the roof.  I got bored real fast.  It was taking forever and to tell you the truth ,,, IT SUCKED!
SO!  I slapped a license plate on top of the roof to cover all the holes the nails from the bottle caps made.  BUT!  It wasn't quite as long as the roof was.  ICKY!  The end of the roof showed on each side,,,, sooooo!
CHECK this out!!!!
Can you see the end of the license plate?
See that frilly stuff hanging out?

The perch is a brass leg off a fancy serving set.
The fan blade is from a small desk fan.
Yes, that's a penny for the washer.

That's brass metal trim for it's "skirt".
OK! It covers up my screw up! :)

Fun, fast, easy ... AND! The birds will love it!

Some times I get a project started, like this was for Sorticulture, and it just doesn't look right or it just won't come together the way I want it too.  SO!  I've learned to set it aside and wait.  One day I see it and I know what it should have been.  This is one of those.  It's fun, sweet and should attract birds. 

Yep!  This will be at Fresh Paint... which is only 2 weeks away!   EEK!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell


  1. Good idea! I bet those bottle caps were boogers.

    1. I've made so many mistakes on things or tried things that just didn't work out,,,,,, by now I better know how to "fix" them! Hope you had a great weekend! Shell