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Saturday, August 3, 2013

It Was My Lucky Day

Hi guys!

O.    M.     G.

You can not believe what happened to me!  Grandma got rescued by 6 big, gorgeous, hunky loggers on a trip through the woods on Friday!

I kid you not!  Joy and I ran up to my dad's place on Friday morning.  We hung out for a while, then all 3 of us went to Darrington.   My father is a mountain man.  YEP!  He lives off the grid in the middle of the mountains.  I love this!  BUT!  He is getting up there in age.  He turns 80 in a month.  So, I drove and we had just gotten out of the woods, off the gravel and onto blacktop when the truck started making this funny noise.  Then it got worse and worse.  As I slowed down we finally got the rough ride of a flat tire.  EEK!  NOW!  Here we are in the middle of no where.  We both know we're screwed.  We had just pulled off the road when a large passenger van drove by us.  EEK!  There went our help.  So, we got out and looked at the tire.  Joy jumped out of the window so she can see what's going on.  I just put her back in the truck when I saw the van stop and back up.  YAY!  They pulled up behind us to help block us from any other traffic that might come by.  THEN!  I kid you not when I say 6 gorgeous loggers got out and asked if they could help. 

HELL YES!!!  OMG!  4 of these guys were in their early 20's and the other 2 were in their late 40's, maybe early 50's.  All very nice, good looking guys.  SO!  I found the "magic" key that lets down the spare and pulled off the cover inside the truck that hides the jack and I was instantly asked to move so one of the young men could handle the jack.  Another young man took the key and found the spare.  YEE HAW!

I remember once when a lady was stuck in the middle of a very busy stop light in South Everett.  She was trying to push her stalled vehicle out of the middle of the intersection.  Everyone sat in their cars and watched.  My husband was driving our vehicle, so I jumped out and helped her move her car.  I couldn't believe no one else was helping.  I was around 8 months pregnant at the time.  After we moved it she looked at my belly smiled and started crying as she thanked me and looked around saying some thing about she just couldn't believe a man wouldn't stop and help.  I remember feeling pretty good afterwards for helping.

WELL!  My "boys" went to work on my flat tire and they had it changed and were back in their vehicle and leaving in less than 15 minutes.  As they walked over to their van I heard one man say how good that felt to help and another agreed with him.  It took me by surprise that I said thanks and they left SO FAST.  I was thinking of stopping by some where and buying them lunch or beer or pop or almost anything.  BUT!  They were gone so fast we didn't get a chance. 

NOW!  Here's the thing.  My dad didn't even know anyone was logging in the area.  He knows most of what goes on around there.  It was like some one was REALLY watching out for us.  It would have taken me at least 45 minutes to an hour to change the tire and clean up.  These guys were truly Heaven sent!!!

SO!  This weekend and next week my job (I like this job) is to find out who they were and where I can find them to bring them a couple pizzas and drinks!

If you are ever out in the middle of the woods and you're stuck... you know exactly why I need to find these guys.  They really saved me a lot of worry and trouble!!!


After they finished we went to a friend of my fathers to clean out her barn.  OH YEAH!!!  Barn!  It's a word that every picker, junker and scrapper loves to hear!!!

We didn't do too bad.  Most of the barn had already been cleaned out!  BUT!  Check this out!

That's my old tire under that wonderful mattress spring.
There are some whiskey barrel bands, bike wheels, that
big "can" is a galvanized chicken feeder.  We are
talking a VERY large one!!!  Schweet!
There were some old tools, big chains, drills, STUFF!
Can you see those bright green parts?  Those are old truck mirrors.  They are going to go on the piece I'm making
with the old Ford grill and tail gates.
That's an old copper yard sprayer.  OH IT'S GORGEOUS! 
The patina is wonderful!

Dad's a lucky guy to live where and how he does.  All of us kids love the area he's in and he has a couple new neighbors.  They seem to be wonderful people.  Go daddio!!!
My trip was a crazy one...   I did get lucky and score some fun finds.  You'll see most of them next year at Sorticulture, but, you'll see one big one at Fresh Paint.  Those truck mirrors are gonna make one art piece SHINE!!!
Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell


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    1. No! CRAP! I thought about it as I wsa picking up scrap metal. It all happened so fast. I BLEW it!!! Darn. Although I called the church, in Darrington, this morning and put the word out that I'm looking for those 6 guys! LOL

  2. Once my BIL hooked the 20 ft trailer to the truck and I headed out to get pine mulch for my flower beds. Down the road, the trailer jumped off the hitch and yanked the truck back. Lucky for me 2 great dump truck drivers stopped and picked the trailer back off the ground and set it back on the ball.

    Very nice to find REAL GENTLEMEN these days.

    Good haul on the stuff in your truck.

    1. It's so nice to be rescued ,,, when you REALLY need it! Lucky is always a good thing!!! :)