old timer

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Look What I Found!

YAY!  oops!  HI!!!

Check out this find!!!

It's football time!


NO!  It doesn't work.  BUT!  I know a guy... hahaha!  Don't you love it when people say that? ,,, I know a guy!  I do.  Now I just have to find him and see how much it will cost to get this puppy working.

You see ,,, I do love building things like potting benches.  (click here to see one I built last year)  AND!  I'm thinking this would be an amazing top to a potting bench turned tail gate brunch server.  HUM????  What do you think?

Picture this ...  a small buffet made from scrap wood with a small tail gate across the back of the table top.  It would be like a giant magnet to hold "stuff" .... like a bottle opener.  Then under the table top will be a shelf that will hold some thing like an old kids wagon (without the wheels) that would hold your ice and beer, soda, water, etc.  Then above the tail gate would be a shelf that would hold this wonderful neon bud sign.  You could turn it on, dim it or leave it off.  What a great party center piece this would make.

WELL!  Time will tell.  First things first.  Cost for fixing the neon and finding a small tail gate?  EEK!  We'll see.  Once I get it started I'll show it to you as I go!

Hope you have a great weekend.  I'm watching the Broncos/Rams game right now.  We are crashing all day here.  During our last trip to the beach Joy hurt one of her front paws.  Not good.  She can't walk on it and won't.  She won't even leave the couch.  I'm bringing the water to her.  Poor baby.  She had a ball, but, she paid the price.  DARN IT!!!

Wait until you see what else I found Friday,,, soon!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell