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Monday, August 26, 2013

Room Divider or Display??? Check Out This Find!

Hi guys!

Can you believe this??? 

I found this at the metal recycler just waiting to be squished, shredded and melted!


Fancy, rusted, peeling, etc!

I would like to fuse and slump transparent glass into
bowl shapes to go into each of these "bowls". 
I could use these for jewelry!


Isn't she sweet??? Cost?
20 cents per pound. She weighs 19 pounds!

I do love a great find!  AND!  This is one of those!!!   Finds like these are why I go to the recycle centers.  Some one didn't want this because it has a problem with the "feet" on the bottom of each section.  2 or 3 have broken off from rust.  WELL!  I'll just cut the others to match and it won't have a problem any more.
This will be at Fa-la-la in December ...  at least I hope so.  I still haven't seen a call for artists yet. 
One thing you have to think about when going to a metal recycler as an artist is:  What do I use at home that I could find here???
On one of my last trips I found several different sizes of nails.  I was on my way to a local hardware store right after I stopped here, so I had 2 nails with me to remind me of the exact size I needed.  A month before I purchased 2 pounds of these nails and the cost was $3.86 per pound.  This day I found one of these nails at the exact same size.  The other nail was 1/8th inch longer than the one I was going to buy.  I bought both here any way.  I spent 20 cents per pound!!!  Yep!  I bought all I could pick up.  I bought 18 pounds of nails for the same price I paid for one pound at the hardware store.
When you go to a recycle center ,,, think hard!  There are so many things I use in making art that's metal I some times get tunnel vision.  Thinking the only place to get those parts are at regular hardware stores.  Any time I can score some thing like this I'm in heaven!  I saved myself a ton of money.  YAY!  If I can, you can!
Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell