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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Bed - Head Board and Foot Board From Ford Truck Parts

Hi guys!
How are things???  Around here ,,, they are finally moving!  I got a lot done today... HONEST!  :)
Some times I get this "road" block ... some of us call them brain farts.  WELL!  For me this show is it.  Garden art is fun and for some reason it comes easy for me.  That doesn't mean it's great art.  I just mean I can think of things to go in a garden and then make my version of that.
BUT!  This show is just an open, do what you do, art show.  EEK!  I "do" garden art.  Garden stuff doesn't sell at this show.  OOPS!  So???  Yep!  Why am I in it???  EASY!  It's TOUGH!  It's a challenge to the max!  I have to get away from my comfort zone and work ,,, HARD!!!
Some days, like today, I get it going and what helps?  Easy!  Music!  Usually it's hard rock, head bangin', LOUD music!!!  BUT!  Not today.  Lately I've fallen in love with a voice that's new to me.... Randy Houser!  Country!  YEP!  As a kid I grew up with Pete Fountain (Dixie Land Jazz), Mario Lanza (tenor???), Chicago and Credence Clearwater Revival (pop) and Led Zeplin (rock - thanks mom!).   We listened to a lot of Johnny Cash, Willie & Waylon and Charlie Pride (oh Charlie, I drank many a beer in high school singing about going to Arizona???).  I'd forgotten how fun country can be.  SO!  I don't know if you've heard of Randy or not,,, but!  I've been really down on all music for some time.  They just seem to crank out lame, studio stuff with little to no meaning and NO real "spark" behind their voices.  Like their bored.  NOT Randy!  What a voice!  He's got a lot of spirit behind that voice.  I love this guy!  Check him out!  He's AWESOME!!!! 
So!  I finally, nearly, finished the headboard and I have Randy to thank for his vocal support in making this happen.  tee hee hee!  You gotta hear him!  Trust me!  If you love country, you know what I mean!!!
Remember the foot board???

Here's the almost finished head board.  Sorry!  It was
 too heavy for me to move by myself to get a better pic!

I LOVE the mirrors. YEP! They move!
I left the wiring in place, in the lights, in case the buyer wants to use them.  An electrician can do that very easily.  I don't have a low voltage license, so I couldn't do it.

See the empty space on the board above the lights?
I have a few "goodies" for those places!

Pickets from an old fence "frame" the word FORD.

I think this bed set would be amazing in a young boys bedroom, a Nascar fan, a dude ranch, working ranch or any bed room!  I think it's fun and completely one of a kind!!!  HA!  I would have loved this as a kid - even if I am a girl!  :)

If you were to find the truck that had all these parts, you might go out in the countryside and find it falling apart in some farmers field or behind a barn.  That's what the boards are supposed to represent.  Some old barn boards cut to make a picket frame.  The metal is from an old roof.  The tail gate, grill, reflectors and mirrors all came from different trucks.  All the wood came from several different fences that were torn down and tossed out!  SCHWEET!!!

This was a first for me.  I hope ,,, I'm "pretty" sure this will fit a full size bed.  At least the dimensions fit one of mine.  SO!  If it doesn't sell, I'll be redecorating a bedroom!  YEE  HAW!!!

This will be at Fresh Paint this coming weekend.  The show is from 10 am to 5 pm both Saturday and Sunday.  I hope to see you there!  I'll be very close to the main road on the south side of Lombardi's Restaurant.  I have a great view of the bay and the boats docked there.

Thanks again Randy!  Keep up the GREAT work!



  1. can I come lay on your Ford bed when there is no one at my booth because they are all at your booth...

    1. SURE! I'll even bring you a blanket! See you there. Hope you're ready! NOT ME! EEK! :)

  2. this is so "over the top cool"! its going to be a big hit at the show.

    since i wasn't familiar with the 'fresh paint' event, i googled it and wow-za! there is going to be some great talent there!

    good luck! have fun! sell tons! and take lots of pictures.

    1. Thank you so very much. It's a great show! If you are in the area I hope you stop by and say hi! Shelley

  3. Awesome! How wonderful for a boy's bedroom.