old timer

Friday, August 16, 2013

Whale Sighting at Fresh Paint

OKAY!  It's show time! 

By the time you ready this I'll probably be set up and ready to go... hahahaha!!!  For those who know me.  I'm always setting up.  I get it ready and then a few things sell and it's time to start moving things around.  OCD???  Maybe!  BUT!  I need things to show, to be seen.  Other wise it doesn't sell. 

Here's one more fun piece to show you.... yep!  Another whale.  Check out his tail!

Rusted roofing with a copper air conditioner
part for a spout.


There was a nail hole in his tail,,,
now it's a heart hole.  :)

Sweet eyes, a nice smile and a sparkly spout
and he'll show off your garden for you!

I love stuff like this.  It's a little different.  It's some thing you find around here all the time,,, I mean the real whales.  Oh the story I could tell you about me, a power boat and a full pod of killer whales.  It was one of the best days of my life.  Maybe another day ,,, if you ask nicely.  tee hee hee!

OK!  I hope to see you at Fresh Paint.  I'll be on the south side of Lombardi's Restaurant in the grass, space #100.

Then don't forget about the spirit tasting at We Do Art and the White Buffalo Saloon during art walk from 4 pm to 7 pm.  I saw some of the goodies they are handing out.  LIKE!  Crystal Skull Vodka  (click to see their website) shot glasses.  They are so wonderful!  Get down there and check it out.  The full bottle of vodka is gorgeous!!!  Yep, it's shaped like a skull.  SERIOUS!

Time to get.  I have shrinky dinks to play with.  OMG!  That sounds almost as bad as what I was going to say.  HUH?  What was that,,,???  I was going to say I had dinks to shrink.  What can I say.  My mind just works that way.  It comes from working outside as a power lineman and telephone splicer.  Gutter???? 

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by,,, pictures to follow this weekend!  Shell