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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wheel Chair Wheel Table

Hi guys!!!

Here's a good story for ya!!!   Yes,,,, it's true!!!  :)

SO!  I'm hanging out with Beth ,,, the owner of We Do Art ,,, and we're driving around junking.  She says would you please make me a table for the shop with a glass top and a bicycle wheel under it.  I laughed and said NO!  They don't balance well, then you have to find some thing to make it balance and then they suck!  SO!  Sorry. 

BUT!  I tell her I have these amazing old wheel chair wheels that I took off a wheel chair I bought back in 1991.  I had this old thing out in my garden for years and it held plants and "stuff".  I asked her to give me a week to see if I could find a great table to go with it.  She was happy and I had a new project to work on ... YAY!!!

So, that Sunday I took Joy out for our morning walk and what do we find in the alley ,,, YEP!  A table!   I kid you not.  One of my neighbors was cleaning out his basement and asked me I would like a nice little brass bed he wanted to throw out.  Hell yes I said!!!  So, we go to leave with the bed and I see this bar height table with a clear glass top.  NOW!  I'm thinking ,,, right ,,, sure!  No way.  SO!  $20 later I left with a table too!

I cleaned up the table and went to work on it.  It was all done except I didn't like the way the metal on the wheel touched the glass.  So, I go inside the house for the night and jump on Pinterest to see what's up.  AND!!!  I kid you not when 5 minutes later I find a picture of a ,,,,YES I DID!!!  A picture of a table with a glass top and an old wheel chair wheel under the glass.  I had to go check it out.  Mamie Jane has a wonderful blog full of fun ideas.  She does things kind of like I do.  She finds things and then uses them.  SCHWEET!  Well, in the blog she mentions the glass hitting the wheel.  Cracked me up.  We both made about the same thing and both had the same concern.

MAN!  I thought I'd die laughing.  While I don't usually read comments under other people's blog ,,,  a name caught my eye ... my friend Amy Duncan!  She made a comment that this blogs owner could use rubber bumpers available at a hardware store for a cushion between the glass and the metal on the wheel.  OMG!  I knew I was going to die laughing now!!!

SO!  Let me show you a couple pictures. 

$20 and a walk down the alley and this was mine!

Bar height ,,, just right!!!

A great old wheel chair wheel with tons of "character".
Okay, okay!  Rust and dirt!

rubber bumper

all done

The paint on the table sucked!  So, I painted it ...

with a can of leftover spray paint.  I liked
this look better than the black.

This is the view you get when you look through the glass!

I drilled 4 places through the wheel and the table top, then added screws.  This wheel isn't going any where.  It's a fun ,,, almost .... one of a kind piece!

Please take the time to check out Mamie Janes blog and Amy Duncan's too!!!  They are both very creative and nice ladies!!!

This table will be at Fresh Paint.  If it doesn't sell it will go to We Do Art!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell


  1. Thanks for the shout out!! Your table looks great! I still haven't gotten the rubber bumpers for my table yet.
    I'd love to follow your blog....should I just follow via e-mail?

    1. Thanks! I cheated and used the bumpers from the table. They're so yellow they match the wheel. LOL

      Following by email works good. Sorry! I haven't taken the time to really set up this blog as I probably should. I'd rather make stuff than play with the computer! eek!

      Have a great week and thanks again! Shelley

  2. Well that was certainly a case of....ask and you shall receive!

    Great job.

    1. I'm a very lucky girl! Thanks! Have a great weekend! Shell