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Monday, September 23, 2013

Look At This Load and the Turnovers!!!

Hi guys!

Okay???  So, where have I been???

I'm not sure!  Some times I just kind of lose track of time and what I'm doing!  Lately, I think I've been wondering around in a funk.  The gorgeous weather we've had all summer is leaving.  DANG MAN!!!  Not that I like the hot weather,,,, just that I don't like the gloomy stuff already!  I know, I know!  We've only had a couple days of it and I'm already whining.  I just like the sunshine.  It doesn't have to be hot,,, just sunny!

Joy and I have been out looking for cans.  I've known for a while some one else has been out picking them up too.   But, the other day I found out there might be as many as 7 others picking them up where I usually do.  DANG!  Not a good thing.  There's more than enough for 2 or even 3 people,,,, after that,,, EEK!  Not so much!

Here's a picture of my truck on it's way to the recycle center after 3 weeks of picking up cans.

This turned out to be $57 in cans.

I've had a bumper crop of raspberries ,,, so the guys
got raspberry turnovers!

This was a good day!!!  Tons of food and cans.  Money too!  hahaha!!!  Okay, not tons of money, but more than I had when I went in there.

This summer I noticed I had more bees than I can remember seeing in many, many years!  They were polite for the most part.  They didn't bother me.  They just hung out in the few raspberry bushes I have.  Many years ago I bought 1 or 2 starts of an ever bearing berry.  I get 2 crops of berries each year.  This year they were ready to start eating by the first of June.  Way before the strawberries were ready.  That's a first!  Now, the second crop has been ready for the past 2 months.  Usually they are ready right about now.  The first bunch is sweet and juicy.  The 2nd batch is larger, drier, but just as tasty!  YUM!  Joy and I go out nearly every day with a cereal bowl and fill it 1/2 to completely full with ripe berries.  I set the bowl in the freezer and the next day put those berries in a freezer bag, then I go do it all over again.  This way the berries stay loose from each other.  We fill a minimum of 3 sandwich sized freezer bags a week.  YUM!  I do love me some raspberries.  The other day I put them in my cornbread along with some green chilies... O. M. G. were they good.  Then I just added honey after they baked.  Diet muffins???  No butter!  LOL!

OKAY!  Enough rambling.  YEP!  I get this way when I'm tired.

SO!  Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. I have some raspberries that have jumped the container and are now in the dog pen. I told the hubby they better make this next year or they are going to become personal friends with round up.

    Way to go on the cans.

    1. Crazy! If you look raspberries up in garden books you should be able to find them under fruit and weeds! :)

  2. Where's the recipe for those turnovers?? I have raspberries in the freezer that I want to put to good use and that looks like the best!!

    1. LOL! How about if I make them on Thursday for the guys and I'll write it up that night??? Are you going to be in the Everett area Thursday??? I'll leave you a couple at We Do Art!!!