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Sunday, September 1, 2013

One of My Greatest Finds!!!

Hi guys!

(UPDATE:  9-3-2013.  This link is to see the listing of this toy on eBay.com.  Thanks!  Shell)

O. M. G.!!!

I have to tell you about a wonderful day I had just this past Saturday!

You know how some days every single thing goes right???  I hope you do!  LOL!  I do!  I love it when you get up a little sleepy, maybe a little dreamy yet and you have that first latte or cup of coffee,,,, okay!  Or what ever.  In my case, since I retired I've gotten into a habit of sitting down with a book and a latte first thing every morning.  That means sitting on the love seat with a cat on my lap, a dog next to me with another cat nursing and cuddling up to Joy.  I love mornings like this.

So, on this wonderful day I finished my latte, took Joy out for a walk and came back to load up our cans into the truck.  I had made a big batch of cookies the day before, so I loaded those up too.  I took a shower and just had one of those days where every thing felt so good.  Just right.  I went into the recycle center and I had just pulled up when one of the guys was walking by.  So?  I love doing this,,, I yelled,,, hey little boy want some cookies?  He just laughed and I was proposed too ,,, AGAIN!  Food!  Men!  I've had at least 500 marriage proposals over the years.  That's what happens when you work with all men and you love to bake.

WELL!  I got out of the truck and one of the other guys started unloading my truck for me.  They rarely do this.  SO!  I smiled and offered him cookies too.  He just laughed and said he already saw the plate full.  Too fun.  So, we finished and I turned around only to see another guy, grandpa, walking towards me with this in his hands.


This is an AMAZING find!  This is a vintage Keystone Power Shovel.  It's very collectible and, if I've done my homework right, in mint shape this little puppy could run around $500 plus!

WELL!  Mine (thank you grandpa) is no where near mint condition,,, but!  It's still very collectible.  The only real thing wrong with it is the paint and the cord that pulls the bucket up.  The handle is slightly bent and there's one little ding on the front by the top left corner where the "window" is.

I made a page for this sweet find with more pictures and if you click on this sentence it will take you to it.

Here's a couple more pictures just for fun!

This is a ride on and play with toy.

Usually the cord you see that's cut would go all the
way into the cab and the little one playing with
this could move the bucket up and down.

Usually I would take a piece like this and mess it up, add some sedums and call it fun.  NOT this time!  I hope to have this on eBay by Monday evening.  This is some thing some one would really like and I'm so happy this one was rescued before it was melted down to make some thing else with.  If you think about where it could have gone ,,, this could have come back in it's new life as a piece of rebar or some thing just as sad.

After I left the recycle center I stopped at a large grocery store and picked up 3 drink items they gave me free coupons for.  I also stopped by Starbucks and they gave me 2 "stars" for my drink instead of the normal one. 

I'm on a roll now kids!!!

Then, as I'm putting my drinks in my truck a friend pulls into the parking lot.  How crazy is this???  I have some thing for her in my truck and she doesn't know it.  I give it to her AND she has some thing for me in her truck and I didn't know it.

OH MAN!  It's a very tall cabinet (think screw holder like you'd find in a garage) and it's FULL of buttons.   EEK!  YAY Shannon!

So, I left there and took the free drinks back to the guys at the recycle center.  Then I went to see Beth at We Do Art and share the buttons and some cookies.  ALRIGHT!  Most of the buttons.  tee hee hee!!!  The funny thing is I already had a big can of buttons for Beth in my truck.  SO!  We shared what we didn't want with one of the girls that works at the White Buffalo.  

Then I took off for home and made it through the door just as bull riding started on tv.  YAY!!!

What a great day!!!

I just love a day that gets better and better and is full of fun, wonderful people and surprises!  Don't you???

Let me know what kind of surprises you've had lately. 

Mine are all small, but fun surprises.  They are the best kind!

Hope you had a great weekend and have a safe holiday!

Thanks for stopping by!  Shell