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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Raspberry Turnover Recipe For Dana

Hi guys!

How are ya???  Around here,,, all is well.  YAY!!!

The weather can't make up it's mind.  One minute it's raining, the next it's trying to sunshine.  An hour later it's warm and not a cloud in the sky.  HUM!  Around here that's called normal!

So the other day I showed a picture of some turnovers I took to the recycle guys.  AND!!!  Dana was asking for a recipe.  Sorry Dana!  There isn't one.  :)  NO!  REALLY!

So, here's a look at what I did and we'll pretend like this is recipe.  I hope that works for you sweetie! 


I started with a hand full of raspberries from
the freezer and 4 squares of puff pastry.

The puff pastry comes from Cash n Carry (restaurant supplier) on Cedar and Hewitt here in Everett.  It's inside the walk-in deep freezer and it comes in a giant box.  I think there's 10 layers of 12 squares of puff pastry.  It's made in Oregon by Orange Bakery, Inc.  This stuff is amazing!  This is used by bakeries.  Real ones!  :)

I usually let the pastries sit on the cookie sheet to thaw out.  It doesn't take too long. 

I used about one cup of frozen berries and 4 squares of
frozen puff pastry.  You could use more berries than that.

I put the frozen berries in a baggie ...

and smashed them into many pieces. They will
fit inside the pastry much easier this way.

I put those in a bowl so I could see how much I have. 

I divided the amount in the bowl between all 4 pastries.

I wet the edges of the pastry with water.  This way they
will stick together while they bake.

Fold the dough over, crimp edges with fork.
Cut a couple vent holes in the pastry.

BEFORE:  Ready to bake at 350* for 25 to 35 minutes. 

AFTER:  Otherwise known as golden brown.

These could have baked a few more minutes. 
BUT!  Close enough!


As soon as these come out of the oven I place them on a clip board (where the clip is removed) covered with aluminum foil.  Then add a "chunk" of frosting.  I let this sit several seconds. It will melt.

Help it by spreading it out a little and then let it run.




I used frozen puff pastry.  Let it thaw just a bit.  I like to stretch the middles of the squares a little.  It makes a little bigger pocket in the middle to hold the fruit easier.  As these cook, the fruit will shrink. 

Add your fruit to the middle of the pastry.  Wet the edges for stick power!  Crimp the edge of the pastries.  Cut at least one vent hole.  You can use egg white to wet the edges and brush on top of the pastries to make them even prettier.  BUT!  I can't see "wasting" an egg when I'm going to cover this with frosting.

Bake about 350* for 25 to 35 minutes or golden brown.

I use the frosting as the sugar for these tart berries.  When you bite into this you get 3 tastes in your mouth. 

Tart - berries. 
Sweet - frosting. 
Salt - puff pastry. 

Mix all 3 together and your mouth is in Heaven!!!

Sometimes I put a little cinnamon in the frosting or in with the fruit.  It's easier to gauge how much to use when you put it in the frosting.

I hope this helps.  There's really no way to screw these up.  Any thing works.  I usually make these with apples.  I put a big scoop of home made apple butter in the middle, spread it out and top with granny smith apples.  Again - sweet, tart and salty!  YUM!  I've added raisins, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, cranberries and oh yeah,,,, chocolate!  That was fun.  Raspberries, cream cheese (slightly sweetened) and chocolate chips.  O. M. G.   That one got rave reviews.

Give any thing a try.  Oh ,,,,, wait ,,,  I tried this once with a little gravy, roast, sweet potatoes and peas.  It was so salty I could hardly eat it.  I don't think I even finished half of one!

Let me know what you think.  If you need any thing explained better,,, just drop me a note!  Thanks  Shell 


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    1. You are so welcome sweetie!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Wow! So good looking.

    My raspberries didn't make any this year. But have tons of blueberries!

    1. I bet next year you get a giant crop of berries! Blueberries,,, YUM!!!

  3. Your timing is great! Michelle & I have been discussing Martha Stewart's puff pastry recipe with its 729 layers and how easy she makes it look on her recent PBS Martha Bakes series. I opt for Cash & Carry and it is only a couple of miles away. I read your blog to see your artistic inspirations but it is great to come away with baking tips and recipes! I'm sure my husband wouldn't know the difference anyway. LOL

    1. Your hubby will love this stuff! It's very high quality. Martha ,,, what can I say. 729 layers? EEK! That's about as much fun as watching paint dry! You know I LOVE to bake. My butt wishes I didn't,, but, I still love too anyway! Thanks so much. Have a good one girlfriend!!!