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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bazaar Time!

Hi guys!

I'm so excited!  The bazaar is here!!!  Time to chat and visit and maybe even sell a few things.  I love shows.  These are the times when you see those people you have become friends with and you rarely see them.  YAY!  Come on down and visit!!!  I made a cinnamon roll cake!!!  O.M.G. is it good!!!  Want the recipe ,,,, ????  Click on this line and it will take you to the website where I found it.  YUM!  This cake is on the heavy side.  I made it Wednesday night and it was wonderful Thursday afternoon.  I can't wait to see what it's like Friday morning!!!

Here's a couple pictures of what my set up looks like.  I brought mostly jewelry,,, but!  You'll see!

I'm in the corner!  Perfect!!!

This is the fun piece I found at the
recycle center last summer!

I added one sweet linen napkin to each "tray"
and called it perfect!

This is one of the slats from the iron crib I found
this summer at the same recycle center.

This idea for a jewelry holder came from
Mamie Jane's blog.  Click on any
of this sentence to go see it!

Here's another one, just a little taller.

Some one gave me this camera and I thought it needed to be a clock.  To me, every thing needs to be a clock!  :)

Close up of the old photo.

What can I say???  I love clocks!!!

I hope you get a chance to stop in and say HI!!!



  1. you are so creative!
    love the hubcap clock!
    have fun, sell lots, and then get home and make more art!

    1. Yes ma'am!!! That cracks me up!!!! Thanks Rebeca!!!

  2. Neat, neat, neat display racks.

    Love what you created.