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Monday, October 28, 2013

Metal Road Kill Bracelets

Hi guys!

I know!  I know!

I love the crap I find in my alley!  What can I say.  It's fun to see it, then try to use it.  Some times it works and some times I'm the only one who thinks it works!!!  tee hee hee!!!

Here's a couple bracelets made from that type of crap!

I started with a can of costume jewelry "junk".

I picked out a bracelet and added bottle caps that were run over and rusted that I have been picking up in my alley.

I didn't like the pretty clasp, so I added a safety pin.
Don't you love the hearts in the bracelet???

There is a bottle cap on every link except the 2
on the very ends.  I glued the jump rings
with clear nail polish where the ends meet.

This one is the same idea.  I started with a used
bracelet, then added one type of bottle cap.

I call this one XX Rated!

More used bracelets that need to be finished.

When I make jewelry from used parts and stuff I find, I can keep my prices very low.  It's fun.  These are not high end silver or gold pieces.  These are inexpensive, fun and most of all,,,, different!

Now, here's some pictures of stuff that was made of new goodies.

Fun ... leather, metal and glass!

I love the glass and metal beads together. 

2 fun, quick bracelets. 
Sorry!  They aren't focused too great!!!

Enameled copper pipe beads.

SO!  Not bad????

Tell me what you think of my metal road kill bracelets!  Please!!!!

All of these will be at the bazaar at We Do Art this Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.  I'm eatin' pizza and nachos this weekend ,,, come join me!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. I like them!

    I do mosaics and love junk costume jewelry. Am always looking to buy it!

    Good job on the bracelets.

    1. Thanks! Don't you just love junk jewelry!??? It's always fun!