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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Neighbor Mooned Me! OH MY!!!


Hi guys!

It's freezing cold and sunny around here!  YAY!  Although, sounds like it'll be back to rain very soon!

Joy and I were out walking and we found these goodies about the same place we found the rooster the other day! 

Check these out!

I love finds like these!

This reminds me of flames around the sun!

These will be at Sorticulture in June!!!

OKAY!  So, Thanksgiving is just a day away.  What's for dinner???  What's for dessert???  Let me know.  I could use a new recipe.


Be safe and have a great holiday!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. I have that same sun with the wire. Cool finds.

    We are having a big roast chicken, oyster dressing, 3 day coconut cake, green beans, potatoes and corn. Just the 2 of us. No recipes except the coconut cake and you can google it.

    Hope you have a very wonderful Thanksgiving, I'll be back on Monday. Don't computer from home.

    1. Too good food!!! YUM! Joy, Macs, Juliet and I had sweet potatoes, beans, ham and rolls. OH! MAN! Was it good. I fixed gingered pear crisp for dessert. That was amazing! Very little sugar, but sweet! YUM! They only got a bit of whipped cream out of that one! Shell