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Friday, December 13, 2013

2 New Pieces and Falala Pics

Hi guys!

WELL!!!  Falala ,,,, so far ,,, so ,,, OH MAN!  I'm stinkin' up the place ... ROFLMAO!!!

What can I say.  No one is walking in the door.  When it comes to a show 2 things can happen.  You sell OR you don't.  When you don't you need to figure out why.  Is my art bad?  Is it the wrong type for this crowd?  Is it some thing I'm doing wrong?  What???

When no one walks in the door,,, well!  It's tough to tell how you are doing.  DAMN!  Sorry!!!

So!  Just for fun,,, here are 2 pics of new goodies that are at the show and a few booth shots.

Found chain, scrap wire and a big peace sign.

Key chains from car parts and belt buckles.
The Justin belt buckle was my first sale.

Mostly set up. 
Thank goodness for Amy Duncan and her help!!!

What you see when you
walk in from a different door.

All these wind chimes and metal cut outs are
hanging off an old bouncing ball cage that
you would have found in a store.

It has 4 sides and takes up about 4 square feet.
SCHWEET and fast!!! 

A lot of good compliments on the clocks!

The dress form and her earrings is always a hit!

So???  What next???  One more day of this and it's gonna be better!!!!  YAY!!!

THANK YOU AMY DUNCAN!  Your help was wonderful, fun and appreciated beyond words!!!  You're a great friend.  Please take a minute and check out her blog.  Just click on her name ... Amy Duncan!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. I see a lot of neat stuff. Love the belt buckle key chains. Great idea!

    1. Thanks ,,, the Justin belt buckle key chain was the first piece I sold at the show. Crazy! It was too nice looking to throw out as scrap metal. I'm sure glad I didn't!