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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Look What Joy Found!!!

Hi guys!

Check this out!!!

I kid you not when I say ....  JOY FOUND THIS!!!

You see, I was in the garage working on some metal stars I cut out.  All of a sudden I realized I hadn't seen momma in a little while.  So I went looking for my escape artist.  You see when Joy sees some thing on the other side of the fence and she wants it.  She just bull dozes her way through a fence board and RUNS!!!  For a 13 1/2 year old mutt, she can boogie!

I was just calling her when my neighbor brought her home for me.  We were talking in the driveway and this guy drives by in a truck.  In the back was this...

This baby turns real nice when the wind blows.


I know it's hard to see through my mess!  BUT! 
 This is AFTER I cleaned up a lot of it!!!  :)
Just look at this sweet baby!

Well, as I was standing there talking to my neighbor, Joy went over and decided to go into the yard this used to be in.  The guy had thrown it in the back of his truck, along with a lot of other stuff, and he was headed to the dump with this!!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???  I mean,,, come on!!! 

So, I go over to get Joy and was talking to this guy.  He's marrying the neighbor who just sold her house and who's yard we were in.  He's telling me about how he gets to take the last few things from the yard to the dump.  I "mentioned" I would love to bring this home ,,,,  you know ,,,, so he won't have to pay for the dump fees. 

SCORE!!!  This will be at Sorticulture!!!

We brought it home.  More goodies to come soon!  We scored a couple things.

I'll miss my neighbor.  But I can't thank her enough for letting us take her "junk".

BTW ... Joy got an extra treat for being a bad girl and leaving the yard.  tee hee hee!!!!

Hope your holiday was nice.  Mine was!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!!!  Shell