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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rain Chains From Scrap Metal

Hi guys!

Check out this funky find! OHHHHH! I love finding stuff like this! SCORE!!!

SO! What do you do with a hand full of these???

Make Rain chains of course... ????

Do you remember the old days when you made many of your Christmas ornaments? Do you remember taking strips of paper and gluing them into a ring, then you'd slip another paper through that link and glue it into a ring. Finally you'd have this nice long chain of paper ,,, usually in green and red.

WELL! That's really all this is.

Ready ....

Scrap Metal from the recycle center.

Christmas tree links???

All I did was put 2 together with a rivet and a
couple of pennies for washers.  Then I added another
set of these by linking 2 of them together.

Easy and fun!

I had one extra, so I put a piece of copper through it, made a couple loops.  Now all you do is put the top loop through the hole in your downspout, insert a metal rod of some type through it inside the gutter. 
Then it just hangs there!

It's tough to get a picture of it with
all that crap in my yard!  :)

Just hanging around waiting for rain!

SEE!  Just like the paper Christmas links!

Okay!  So, these took a little while to build, but, not too long.  It's a lot of work drilling all those pennies.  You could use any washer.

This nice rain chain will be at Fresh Paint!

Only 15 building days left!  EEK!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Motorcycle Helmet Planter

Hi guys!
WELL!  Blogger is working tonight ,,, becuz ,,, I'm on a different computer.  This all started the other night when Facebook wouldn't let me in.  Since then I can some times get into Facebook,,, sorry!  I hate that thing and there are very few things I hate!  Now I can't get any text into the main body of Blogger and I'm getting junk mail like there's no tomorrow!  OMG!  Some one blow up that site,,, well, okay,,, maybe not.  How do I put them on a list that sends them tons of crap mail???  Anybody know???   :)'  
Okay!  Thanks!!!  I feel much better now.

This was a motorcycle helmet that my neighbor gave me
Thanks CEL!!!

Close up.  It's sitting on a copper "thing". 
It needed a washer and I liked this better!

Inside the helmet. I put 4 drain holes in it. Now,
I'll take it into We Do Art and let Beth
work her magic on it with sedums!

FUN!  I had a piece of pipe that had this thing in the way.  I was going to cut it off and well,,, I didn't have too!  YAY!!!  It's nice to get "lazy" once in a while.  I used that piece of pipe, a small copper cup and the helmet.  Soon it will be over flowing with sedums.

HOW FUN????  This will be at Fresh Paint!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fishing with a Plasma Cutter

Blogger won't let me put any text in this area tonight,,, so!  I'll do it under the pictures!!!

I had this old steel can that I cut up.  Think small burn barrel.

This is the top of the barrel.  I do love playing with my plasma cutter!

These will go on stringers and wire hangers.

The red box is from an old socket set and the lid of from an old lard can.  I love that green!

This is what the red box looks like now.

I hung this from a little bit of copper wire.

This was a coffee can.  Long, lean fish, maybe a pike?

This is the bottom of the coffee can.

Sorry this wasn't done better.
I just hope tomorrow Blogger will behave!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!

Conveyor Belt Cars

Hi guys!

Check out these hot little "cars".  I don't know what else they would be called.

These were once a part of a conveyor system that hauled some thing from one place to another.  HUM!  I'm just guessing.

I was lucky enough to have a neighbor bring me these (THANKS CEL!).  I was going to plant them with sedums,,, BUT!  No way!  I like it like this.  Let the buyer put in the cars any thing they'd like!


Conveyor belt parts, plumbers tape, a couple
old door hinges and a nasty old board.

What would you put in these???

A little closer look.

OKAY!  Time for bed so I can get up and make some thing for you to see tomorrow!

Fresh Paint only 18 building days left!  EEK!  ♥

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

Saturday, July 27, 2013

MORE Truck Parts! YAY!!!

Hi guys!

WELL!  What can I say???

I drive into the recycle center to drop off a nice load of aluminum and steel and what do I find???

What a beauty!

I couldn't believe this... so!  I had to run around to the front to see what the grill and hood looked like.

O. M. G.!!!

Can you say PURRRRRRR-FECT!!!??????

The grill is in amazing shape.
The hood is toast!  DARN!


I didn't go look, but the guys thought this was a 1958.  It's a Ford work vehicle from Eastern Washington.  It was used in the fields.  Can you see the 2 exhaust pipes coming out of the grill?  They were put there, instead of the bottom of the truck, so when the truck drove through the fields the heat from the pipes didn't start the orchard on fire!  SMART move!!!

Well, we worked on this for a bit trying to get the grill out and it was a monster.  SO!  "Grandpa" got out the torch and cut the monster out!!!  GO GRANDPA GO!!!  I was a cheerleader!!!  He's a wild one with that puppy!!!!

This is what I brought home....

The front of the grill.

The crap in the way of the back.

Now if you were me ,,, what would you make this into???? 

Come on .... what?????

While I was there I found that Chevy pickup still on the pile and Steve was good enough to climb up and pull the tail gate off for me.  I can't ,,, liability problem should I get hurt!

The arrow is pointing to the truck
I want the tail gate off of.

This is the tail gate with an older Ford tail gate....
That's a hint. 
It goes with the grill from the old truck!

What do you mean,,, that doesn't help much!!!

SOON!  I'll show you what I make soon.  Right now, the table saw is down!  DANG!  Not good timing.

Fresh Paint is only 19 building days away and the saw is dead!  EEK!  I have several large pieces of art I want to build.  YEP!  The Ford parts are going in there some where!!!

I am going to try to put one item on here each night that will be at Fresh Paint!  Cross your fingers.  That sounds easy, but, it can be very hard to do!!!

See ya soon! 

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Thursday, July 25, 2013

FINALLY!!! Plans for Blue, Blue and More Blue!!!



           I FINALLY have the plans available for the blue bottle ladders.  Sorry this took so long.  Once Sorticulture was finished I was going to work on these and have them ready 3 weeks ago.  THEN!  My back went out and I didn't move much for the next 2 weeks.  BUT!  Here they are!  Ready and waiting for you over on Etsy!!!

For $10.00, this includes mailing, you will receive the 6 sheet work schematic on how to make this and a cover sheet explaining a few tips on making this.  It will give you all the information you need to build these little beauties!

These have been a hit at my shows my blog and on Pinterest.  The first time I showed you these fun pieces was back on May 21, 2012.  Since that day, that blog page has over 11,000 page hits!  Not too shabby!  YAY!!!  Thanks guys!!!!

I have no problem with you making these and selling them anywhere EXCEPT any show I am in or on Etsy or eBay.  That's where I would be selling them.  I think the lowest price I had on these was $70.00 at my shows.  Ask any price you can get away with, it's okay with me... :)

I don't mind you telling people these plans are available and directing them here or to my Etsy page.  I would really appreciate it if you did.  I worked very hard to get this piece built just right. It took several tries and many mistakes to get it the way I believe it should look. I had the prints professionally made so they can be easily read and followed. Please do not share these prints online (i.e.: blogs, facebook, etc.). Thank you for understanding how much work I put into this so you could enjoy making this too!

Wanna refresh your memory on what these babies look like??? 

OKAY!  Here we go!

Plain and simple!

I SOOOOOOOOO love blue in the garden.
If you don't have blue, use any color you can find.
Mix the colors if you'd like.

You can add a birdhouse on top!

Try adding words to the frame. 
These are brass stencils.

One plain and one with an old power insulator on top.

This is fun whether it's plain or with some thing extra on it.

I hope you'll check out my Etsy page and pick up a print.  THEN  please let me know how you do.  I would love to see pictures of your finished projects!!!

Always remember, if you ever have any questions ,,, just ask.  That's what I'm here for!!!

Thanks so much!!!  Shelley

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wind Chimes for Fresh Paint

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't been around here lately.  You see it's time to get ready for another art show and  ,,, WELL!  When I think I'm going to start making art my brain just kind of ,,,, I don't know ,,, freezes???  It starts thinking about all these things it wants me to make and I just get flooded with STUFF!  I can't think of any one thing.  I think of 20 or more things at a time and I've learned the hard way to wait it out, then start.  SO!  I'm finally moving again.

For now, let's start with some simple wind chimes that are at We Do Art right now and if they don't sell by August 16th, they will be at Fresh Paint on the 17th.

I'm sorry the pictures aren't better, but, here we go!

This started out with a lipstick holder that broke.

The 2 was a metal house number that I found in
the alley that had been run over several times.

An old metal hand rake with lady bug
beads and keys.

Potato masher with more lady bug beads and keys.

Candle holder turned upside down.

The pink keys have skeletons on them. 
SO!  I added a pink skull to the hanger.

Lid off a rusted out vintage kids tool box.
This is for the big boys.
I love the skulls on the keys!

This is just a few of the wind chimes I took into We Do Art.  If you want to be the first to chose which one you want.  Get down there before Fresh Paint.  They'd love to have you stop by.  So would I!

Next up is a whale made from an old metal can, make that a medium sized metal can.  It should have a copper spout blowing water!  OK!  Not real water.  I don't have electricity in my booth or it could have been.  You'll see!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fresh Raspberry Cake with Chocolate Frosting!

O. M. G. This is so good!!!

OOPS! Hi Guys!!! tee hee hee!!!

Last night Joy and I were out working in the back yard. I was feeding her raspberries off a few plants that keep coming up each year where I don't want them. Then I realized how many there were. MAN!!! There was a small ton of them. SO! I brought out a bowl and started filling it.

Freshly picked right out of the yard!  YUM!

This morning I looked at that big bowl in my fridge trying to figure out what to do with them. AH! It didn't take long. I was thinking raspberry shortcake. So, because I'm lazy, I got out a white cake mix, some eggs and butter, threw them all in a bowl and beat it to death!!! Then I poured about 1/2 of it into an oblong cake pan.

I used butter instead of oil and 3 whole eggs.

Pour about 1/2 the batter in the pan.

  Then I threw most of the raspberries over the top of the cake mix.

Add a generous amount of berries.  This is around 2 cups.

Then I slowly poured the rest of the cake mix over the raspberries trying to make sure each berry was covered.

All berries covered.

Baked that puppy up. OH MY... Dear Betty Crocker. PLEASE! Could you go back to your earlier recipe and give me back a decent product!!! OOPS!  You didn't want to hear that did you? 

Baked but not pretty.

After Joy and I went for a walk I cut the cake and fell in love!!!!

The berries fell to the bottom, but there was no problem
cutting the cake or pulling the pieces out.
NO MESS!!!!!

This is what the bottom looked like
on the first piece I pulled out.

The cake itself is sweet and the raspberries are tart. YUM!!! Who needs frosting? OH! YOU??????

OKAY! I used chocolate! What can I say??? Oh I know ,,,                              SINFUL!!!!

What can I say?  I'm very lazy some times!

Frosted and soooo ready to eat.

The part not frosted?
That's for me!!!


OKAY! So what did I do????

I made the box mix as the recipe called for EXCEPT! I used melted butter for the oil. Because this was a white cake it calls for 3 egg whites. I used 3 whole eggs. Every thing else was just what the box called for.

The raspberries make the cake a little wetter while it's baking so it might take an extra 5 minutes or so to bake. This took 35 minutes to bake.

Give this a try while the berries are still around! YUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!!!!!