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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Etsy and Snow!!!


YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    It's snowing!!! 

What???  Around here we don't get much and when we do, it's usually wet, sloppy and gone in a very short time.  Momma's excited.  She's like all dogs,,, she's all but rolling around in it!  We're just hoping it's still  here when we're ready for our walk in the morning!!!

So???  What's new with you????   HUH?  What have you been up to lately???

I've been cleaning out my studio.  OK!  The bottom floor of my house.  OH!  They are both the same thing.  STUFF HAS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've pulled out of We Do Art and I won't be in any shows until June (hopefully!) ,,, so, there's too much crap around here.  Good crap that is.  SO!  I'm putting it on Etsy as I go!

Here's a few goodies that's I've put on there today!!!!

Don't you think this would make a great
steampunk necklace?
See the skulls???

Those gorgeous blue bottles.
Plans to make this.

Brass tags at a great price.
2 different listings.

Eastman Kodak canisters.

PARTS!  You know I love my parts!!!

EXCELLENT disks!!!!

Pay phone touch call pads.
2 different sets.

o. m. g.  Yep!  The whole set!!!

I hope to put more on soon.  I just threw out 2 full boxes of old papers from books that were 1 to 110 years old.  Time to keep getting it gone!!!  :)

I'm pretty sure I've talked myself into doing Sorticulture this year and next.  Then (hopefully) Hempfest this year... then!  Call it quits.  It's time to go see the rest of the world.  Let's just hope I can wrap my head around this and get some top notch work out this next 1 1/2 years.  It's time.

thanks!  Shell


  1. great pieces parts !!!

    we are in the middle of a forced remodel.....busted hot water pipe