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Friday, April 11, 2014

Rain Barrels and an Oso Mudslide Update

Hi guys!

How's it going???  Good I hope!  All is well here.

I got my acceptance into Sorticulture and I started building.  EEK!  I only have 8 weeks to go and it's go time... so,,, I'm one of those who had XP on my ancient nearly perfect pc... now thanks to Micro-what's-thereface,,, I have to get a new computer.  The turkeys!!!  As soon as I figure out how to use 2 computers to get one picture on here ,,, I'll show you the 2 whole projects I've made so far!  :)  SOON!

So, between then and now, I'll do my best to put stuff on here by way of a laptop.  The problem?  This laptop has no real software on it compared to my 13 year old dinosaur.  I loved that puppy! 

Oso Mudslide update.  As of tonight there were 36 bodies found and all 36 have been identified.  Only 7 are missing.  That is so AMAZING!  If you looked out your back door and saw acres and acres of mud up to 30 feet deep and you had to find someone ... how could you do that?  Well, they've used numerous ways and have done an outstanding job.  I'm so proud of all of you who have helped!  Thank you so much!!!!

NOW!  Do you remember the rain barrel I made for the City of Everett's call for artists???  Well, mine and others are on eBay right now up for bid.  No, they won't ship.  Sorry!  I thought you might want to check out what myself and many others have done.  Mine is up on the 20th of April.  There will be more put on at a later date.  Click on this sentence to get to the auctions.  Once you get to this page, click on the seller and you'll see every thing they have up for auction right now.  You can follow if you want.

OKAY!  I'll be back soon,, hopefully with pictures!  Shelley


  1. i use xp on one of my work computers. I'm expecting them to snatch it away from me soon

    that was so sad how something like that happened and affected so many lives

    congrats and good luck getting a lot of bucks on your rain barrel