old timer

Saturday, May 31, 2014

2 More Welded Stacks Made With Car Parts


Here are 2 new welded garden stacks I made for Sorticulture.  Hope you like 'em! 

I think I was crooked this day!  I know this piece
of art is.  BUT!  It's still fun!!!

3 different car parts plus a musical ball on top.

Mirrored, like a gazing ball.

I love the "gazing ball".

New car parts and check out the stand.

That's a C-clamp for a stand!  FUN!  It was
headed for the recycle center.

I'm lovin' these!
These have been fun to make.  Now,,, remember,,, I'm NOT a welder!  I just have fun melting things together as best as I can!