old timer

Friday, May 23, 2014

A Few Found Goodies

I was thinking!  Maybe I should show you a few pieces I've found that will be for sale at Sorticulture.  I always throw a bunch of great junk and found items in my booth at Sorticulture.  I think it makes the booth look both more fun and interesting!  YES, these will be for sale and at a great price. 

Sweet little bench!


LOVE the color of this metal vase.

Very large, lightweight, flower pot!

Vintage oil can!!!!  It might get a plant in it. 
We'll see!
Sorry about the messy yard.  I'm busy!

Just a couple goodies that will be there for a very good price!  I'll try to show you more soon!   Shell


  1. All of those are terrific. I can't believe somebody threw them out.
    Good haul.