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Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Few More Birdhouses

Hi guys
The weather around here has been so crazy.  Wet with a little sun and some heat.  Strange!  Yesterday I was taking some pictures in a flower bed and I noticed I haven't done any weeding there!  OOPS!  So, I pulled a few.  O.M.G.  You can't believe how wet the ground was.  The weeds pulled out very easily and I'm talking the whole stinking root came out.  Some where easily 8 inches long!  WOW!  From here on out I might be out there weeding in the rain!  LOL!

Well, here's a couple quick pictures of some metal birdhouses while I get the other pictures ready for tomorrow!   Please remember, I'm trying to use up all the "junk" I have laying around here.  What better way than stacking up the junk!

3 quick ones.

I love the piece this sits on.

I love funnels and old cans.

That's part of a hanging lamp.

I had an extra dresser drawer laying around.

That's a lamp on the bottom and 1/2 of a
weather vane candle holder on top.

The hole is on the side so you can
see the advertising.

I hope your holiday weekend is going well.  

I wasn't raised in a family where anything military or political was discussed.  As I've grown older I've finally understood exactly how much our military folks give up to keep people like me and my family safe.  I've always known they help give me my freedom, but, it took age and a few nasty bombings and wars to show me how much they give up for myself and others.  THANK YOU.  It seems so small to give back just a simple thanks.  Just know that I appreciate each and every one of you more than those simple words can convey.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Shelley  



  1. I really like the kettle idea! All of them are too cute.

    1. I love Pinterest! I see some thing and then make it into my idea of what I saw. Using more of this junk around here. I have TOO much! It has to go,,, make room for more! :)