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Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Little Privacy Please!!!

Hi guys!

You can't see it too well yet,,, but, these 3 screens were made to hang from a covered porch or a structure in your garden to make a wall (a pretty wall) for privacy.  The hinges can come off and the screens can be mounted on posts and planted in the ground.

Let's say you're out in your yard with company.  You are all set up with wine and goodies at a beautiful table just chattin' away with friends,,, THEN!  The kids are out there too yelling, screaming, laughing and having a ball.  WELL!  That's nice,,, but, I'd like a little bit of a "wall" between us.  I'd like to be able to see my kids without them really seeing me.  I'd like a little more intimate area for adults.

Here's what you do! 

You start with walls that you can see through.
These are made with old fence boards and brass wicker!!!

I love how you can see through these.
Nice texture and the colors will only get better with
age and exposure to the elements.

Can you see how the patina has already started.  OH! 
You should see them in person!  I found the screens
through a metal recycler. 


One panel was shorter than the others.
So, I added a brass heater register
to the shorter section.
If you've ever seen my woodwork before you know I don't try to add a finish to the fresh cut sections of my wood.  Around here it will only take one season and the wood will do it's own thing and it will be a natural finish.  

This will be at Sorticulture.  CRAP!  Only 18 working days left until the show!!!   EEK!

Today I'm out manufacturing welded pieces.  EEK!  Not something I'm very good at.  AND just because of that ,,, I'm going to do it anyway.  :)   How can I get better if I don't keep trying.  I'm sure all of you know exactly what I mean!

See ya tomorrow!  Shell


  1. I love it. I have an indoor screen planned. I want to hang 2 of the kimonos my Mom brought back from Japan. I thought of doing a mosaic geisha lady head to add at the neckline of the kimonos

    1. YES! Go for it. That sounds wonderful! Have a great week!