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Monday, May 19, 2014

A Sweet Broken Desk Becomes a Potting Bench

Howdy guys!

So, here's what I made and how it looked when I first got it.  Thanks again for the desk Janet!!!  And thanks for the garbage can Cel.  It's funny how some times the goofiest pieces become the best finishers!     

Sweet little bench!

It used to look like this ,,,,

and this!

I put that sweet little desk back together almost
like it was made.  That's part of
the top as the bottom shelf.

Fun little work area.

This puppy is oak.... so, it should hold up forever!  The green can is an old oil can.  Can you see the little can under it?  It's a mini garbage can.  It's so CUTE!  That's an old enameled lid I used as a magnet holder.  The magnets are the garbage glass from hot glass blowers.  The laundry line is a piece of old measuring cloth from a vintage measuring tape used in a garage, not a sewing room.  Then the oil can.  Why not???

See ya soon!  Shell



  1. Sweet indeed. Good job! Hope somebody will give it a great home.

    Hey Shell.....in case I haven't told you yet. I have a mosaic blog that shows a lot of my stuff


    Keep the pics coming!