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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bird and Butterfly Feeders from Recycled Large Water Pipe Connectors

Well Hello!!!

How ya be???  Me be fine!  Just full of energy!  Thank goodness.  21 building days left until Sorticulture.  It's getting close!  YAY!  If you are in my neighborhood from June 6th through 8th you just have to stop by and say HI!!!  This is such a fun show.  It is all about the garden.  Anything garden.  Sorta horticulture.  Sorticulture.  Get it?  Love it!

So!  Here's a couple fun little buddies that the birds and butterflies will love!  

I had 3 skewers for a long time.  I found them
in the garage the other day.

Then I found 3 large water pipe connectors.

I put them together and voila ...  you get a feeder.

Another one.  This time the orange is turned a different way.

For now, 2 of them are hanging on an old mattress
spring in the mess of my back yard!

Hope you like them!



  1. That's a great idea. Love the old bed springs too.

  2. so happy that my rusted junk was useful to you...lets see what else I have for you...!

  3. these are terrific!
    you are oh-so cleaver in your designs.
    simple, and rustic, and functional.

    PS: loved the birdhouses you posted yesterday too!