old timer

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blow This - a Wind Chime or Two

Hi guys!

So,,,, what's new with you????  Not much here.  AND!  That's good.

Ready to see a couple wind chimes??? 

Try to blow on this trumpet.

It still needs a small piece of wire on it, but
you get the idea.  It sounds so good!!!


An old clock makes an interesting wind chime.

Another one.  Just a little different.

I had a bunch of metal nuts I couldn't use, so
they became part of the handle for texture.

The other side. 

What's on the bottom in the middle? 
That's the bell out of an old phone. 
It makes a wonderful sound.
Those were fun.  Wait until you see tomorrow's goodies!  YAY!

See ya then!  Shell               


  1. Love them. I met a lady at the junk store. I picked up a broke dish and she said "that's broke" like she wanted to let me know I should not buy it. I said it would be more broken when I got thru with it. Then I showed her some of my mosaics and she understood.

    Keep up the good work.